Our Activities:

The programmes in PERTUBUHAN KEBAJIKAN KANAK-KANAK YATIM DAN MISKIN WAWASAN PORT DICKSON, NEGERI SEMBILAN is extending beyond basic necessities of the children. Character development and social skills are nature through healthy supervised activities such as:

Sent them to various local schools. For those weak in their study, help them with tuition and extra classes.

Skill works
Teach them Gardening, carpentry classes, culinary and cooking skills.

There is group, and every group given daily household duties. This is done in order to timetable to instill discipline and team work. So they can work as a team and independent and not rely on others.

Study games,
* Indoor and outdoor games,
* Outings organized by outsiders,
* Education trips,
* Sports,
* Exercise,

Moral Education
Moral teaching is given to develop their attitudes. Character development and

Counseling given to the children those who have abused and in problems.