image Immediate Cash needs for Renovation

This past 6 years, the boys and the girls are in one roof. Now we are blessed with next door Bungalow for boys. The bungalow is in bad condition and it is need to be renovating with roof, ceiling, wiring, piping, painting, doors, window, floor and etc.

Therefore funds are needed to complete these renovation works. The estimated course is RM 260,000.00. We are seeking your act of support and assistance to complete this renovation. Please call us for further information.
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Immediate donation, for next door for boy's Home.

Double decker beds with mattress - 20 units



Air Condition 2.5 - 1unit, 2.0 - 2 units

Ceiling Fan - 10 units

Cub boards - 6units

Study tables - 10 units

PVC Chairs 3X - 50 units

Computer - 5 units

Book Shelf - 2 units

Shoe Rack - 5 units